Sunday, August 29, 2010

Listen to this!

Before I'm heading for school, I wanna advice everyone who are sane to check out this song from an awesome band called The Sonics! They were a 60s band (but they still play today, probably spent too much money on drugs) who got put in the shadow of other bands (Beatles).
Check out their song "Strychnine"!

I also wanna give you a tip of another great band, who even fewer have heard about. They're called San Fransisco's Shiver, and were a short lived acid-rock band inspired by Blue Cheer. Too bad they only recorded one album, and that album was recorded live in studio.
Have a listen to this! If it gets to slow for your liking, listen to it from 6.00.
Well now Ive gotta go to school.
No recess!

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