Monday, August 30, 2010

This may be faggy, but..

I have to vent my frustration. This story consists of me and a girl, lets call her Mary Jane.
I first met MJ when we were both drunk, at a bar. She told me she was going to be a sexologist, and I definitely had beer goggles (The amounts of booze I drank was insane, at least for my part).
When I came home that night, someone sent me a message. I didn't have the number so I didn't bother to reply.
The day after, I got a new message from the same number. And another one. FFS I thought, who the fuck keeps sending messages without getting a reply?
Turns out, it was MJs number. When I realized it, I facepalmed myself several times. Goddamnit.

So, the next weekend, I accidentally met her at the same goddamn bar, and this time I was even drunker.
Of course I ended up coming home with her, and you don't need too big of an imagination to imagine what happened.

That was the start of hell.
I got messages all day, everyday, for a week (its been two weeks since it all started).
Even though I don't reply, she sends 4-5 messages with almost no relevance whatsoever.
Take a hint right? God.

A song from me to her

I also hope she doesn't find this blog for obvious reasons.

Any tips? Have you been in a similar situation? Vent out in the comment field. 


  1. This girl is thick-headed on purpose, tell her directly to leave you alone.

    But you already knew that was what you had to do, didn't you?

  2. keep your hoes in line, bro.

    check out my blog while youre at it:

  3. Followed.

  4. keep ignoring the messages and avoid the bar for a while, hopefully she'll find someone else