Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Advicing everyone to watch these shows

Everyone should watch atleast two shows in their lives. Number 1 is Lost. Yes, I know alot of you hate this show, but give it a chance, watch every episode from the start. 
I fell in love with Lost, it made me think, in contrary too most shows nowadays. Philosophical questions arise, and questions such as "what is real? How can I tell?". A lot of the characters names are real people, mainly philosophers, John Locke, Jeremy Bentham are two examples
The cinematography is excellent, it seems like a movie. Most of the actors are great, and play their role accordingly.
However, the most disappointing thing about the show, was the last episode of the last season. I won´t reveal anything regarding the ending, other than it wasn't what I hoped for.

Here's John Locke, or Terry O'Quinn as 
his real name is. He is one of the main characters, 
and totally awesome in every way.

The next show Ill advertise for, is House (or House MD). Its about a great, renowned doctor, and his crew of subordinates. The character House is depressed, angry, rude and annoying to most people, and he doesn't care about anything at all, except saving his patients lives.
He has a muscular disease, which forces him to use a cane, and eat Vicodin as if they were Tic Tacs. Meaning, he is a crippled doctor with a drug addiction.
Summed up, this is a funny, exciting show with snappy lines that are relevant to the plot. Now go download some House!


  1. I havent really seen much lost... but i will give it some thought House on the other hand is one of my faves great post bro

  2. I love both shows and couldnt agree more with you except I loved Lost's ending, I cried so much because even though they didnt explain "everything" like everyone wanted. Somethings are best left unexplained.

  3. i'm not a big fan of house or lost. i never understood why people liked em.

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  5. i watch already haha. but thankks anyway
    check me out sometimes? i have cool poems

  6. House is a serious I know and love, Lost not so much though,maybe I'll watch it sometime!

    Good luck with your blog!