Thursday, September 9, 2010

Here is some m0ar creatures

Well, it seems as if at least some of you found the previous post interesting, so I'm following the old American saying "don't fix whats not broken".

Check out this Star nosed mole ! The ugly looking "thing" on its face is actually about 25000 sensory receptors, allowing it to feel its way around.
According to Wikipedia, its the fastest eating mammal there is, deciding in 8ms whether something is eatable or not, all thanks to the receptors which look horrible.

OK, this creature isn't as crazy as the other ones, but I'm putting it here nevertheless. Its the Komondor dog! It originates from Hungary, and looks like a mop.

Its the incredible Scorpion fish! Poisonous and dangerous, its Zapdos-like features scares most creatures of the ocean.

This thing (Bairds Tapir)
has a fucking cock for a nose. Jesus Christ monkey-balls, look how ugly it is!

I'm sorry for the poor quality this time, I didn't have much time to do it on. Will try to get it together to the next post!


  1. the mole looks like something out of a movie..
    click and ill repay the favor!

  2. Oh that miserable looking doggie! Needs a trimming he does!

  3. A little National Geographic right there.

  4. i get the tapir where i live.. in Malaysia, they look weirder coz they seem to be wearing a diaper..